Our facilities - services and functions

Our cutting edge and contemporary facilities - buildings, structures, and spaces - enhance student learning, enrich educational delivery, and allow for effective and connected community and business experiences.

Facilities encompasses a number of functions at the Maricopa Community Colleges district level as well as at each of the 10 colleges. Depending on your facilities needs or what you are looking to accomplish, from hosting a special event at one of our many locations, to submitting a bid for a construction project, or requesting facilities maintenance or service, refer to the information provided to connect to you to the appropriate resources and to assist you in understanding the process.

Facilities and space use requests and rentals

For Maricopa employees and college-affiliated groups/organizations, as well as external organizations, such as businesses and non-profits, to find and apply for facilities space use and event venues, we are here to assist you.

Facilities Planning and Development

Facilities Planning and Development (FP&D) at Maricopa Community Colleges, a part of Business Services division, oversees facilities functions, space-use standards, and building operations in relation to capital planning and development. Additionally, FP&D works with the colleges to develop and deliver quality and effective solutions. As just a part of the work the department performs to enhance and maintain the physical environments, FP&D provides information for vendors, contractors, and service providers (such as procurement processes, bid proposals, current projects, vendor/construction requirements, vendor registration, etc.) in the relevant areas. Understand more about the work of FP&D and how the department can assist you.

Facilities maintenance requests

For Maricopa employees, submit a request for maintenance through the designated tool, or contact your college/on-site facilities management or maintenance and operations (M&O) department.

Facilities contacts

Not sure what you need or where to begin? Or need assistance with something else? Get answers to your questions.