Strong partnerships meet business needs

The Workforce Development Department partners with leadership teams to learn more about the workforce and training needs of local businesses. These teams include the Leadership and Innovation Council and Business and Industry Leadership Teams (BILTs).

The Leadership and Innovation Council consists of thought leaders throughout the region who identify existing and future talent pipelines, practices, and skill sets necessary to produce and maintain a talented workforce. This strategically ensures meeting the current and future business needs of employers in Maricopa County.

BILTs collect valuable trend data and information about the training and employment needs of priority industry sectors in Greater Phoenix, including for advanced business services, manufacturing, healthcare, and information technology. They develop, sustain, and improve educational delivery and employer relations in key industry areas.

Feedback from these teams is shared with Maricopa Community Colleges to develop relevant curriculum and training that addresses the needs of regional employers.
All of the hard work of these teams goes into developing Career and Technical Education Programs (CTE). Explore our career fields, or get started with enrollment if you already know what you're pursuing.