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Workforce Development manages funding sources for the Workforce Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, including Proposition 301 and the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Grant.

About Proposition 301

Passed in November 2000, Proposition 301 was created to meet concerns over insufficient funding for Arizona schools. State legislature passed since the foundation was laid by this measure have paved the way for a new era of education policy and funding in Arizona.
Funds from this proposition awarded to community college districts are broadly targeted at opportunities to assist in workforce development. Maricopa Community Colleges uses funds in these areas:

Partnerships with businesses and educational institutions

Additional faculty for improved and expanded classroom instruction and course offerings

Technology, equipment and technology infrastructure for advanced teaching and learning in classrooms or laboratories

Student services such as assessment, advisement and counseling for new and expanded job opportunities

The purchase, lease or lease-purchase of real property, for new construction, remodeling or repair of buildings or facilities on real property

    Growing industries

    Maricopa Community Colleges has developed the Maricopa Occupational Administrators Council as a means to bridge the gap between education and occupation. Learning about the habits of industry leaders in the local and often global community allows the Council to strategically design opportunities for students as they make their way into the workforce. The Council has reviewed trends at length and has placed their focus in these areas of study:
    Aerospace and Aviation Teacher Education
    Biosciences Public Safety/Homeland Security
    High Technology/Manufacturing Career Pathway Development
    Advanced Business and Financial Services Apprenticeships/Internships and Re-training
    Health Care Sustainability and Green Technologies

    Innovation in industry, innovation in education

    Every industry is subject to the movement of social and technological progress, and preparing students for those kinds of changes requires innovation in educational planning to match the pace of innovation in the world at large. The efforts of Maricopa Community Colleges and the Maricopa Occupational Administrators Council expand beyond just noticing trends in professions. This team of leaders has also made it their mission to understand general training that can be offered to students that will help them succeed in dynamic professional settings. The Council has defined seven distinct areas of focus to tailor training around to meet the unique needs of our ever-changing society:

    Changing Demographics in the Workplace (intergenerational workplace)

    Soft Skills/Job Readiness DevelopmentĀ 

    Systems Thinking as it Applies to the Workplace

    STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) Skill Development


    Entrepreneurial Activities

    Special Populations (e.g. veterans, disabled, underperforming, underrepresented)

    More about the Carl D. Perkins Grant

    Signed into law on Aug. 12, 2006, the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act was created to boost funding to career and technical education. The measure also aims to strengthen the connections between secondary and post-secondary education, and improve state and local accountability.

    Funding from this law enters the education system at a state level by way of the Carl Perkins Grant, which is specifically directed to career pathways and workforce development programs. Both the institutions and individuals that receive the grant are given performance standards to meet that ensure that the funding is boosting the completion and career placement rates for career and technical education, as well as encouraging a more diverse workforce. These standards encourage that programs are designed to the benefit of the community in which the students attending them are learning and working.
    The Workforce Development Department provides district level support and coordination for participating Maricopa Community Colleges and Skill Centers. For more information, please contact our Carl Perkins Grant manager.

    James A. Jones
    Manager, Carl Perkins Grant
    Maricopa Community Colleges
    Department of Workforce Development

    Career and Technical Education programs

    The funding from Proposition 301, the research done by the Maricopa Occupational Administrators Council, and all that we learn from working to assist our Carl Perkins Grant recipients also gets implemented into our Career and Technical Education Programs (CTE). Our CTE programs integrate academic learning with real-world experience to prepare employees for the workforce. Passionate, well-informed faculty teach hands-on classes by sharing their professional experience. Program Directors also ensure their programs are up-to-date with industry changes to remain relevant for workforce needs.

    CTE offers more than 40 career-focused programs, including health, education, business, and many more fields to choose from. Explore our offerings, or get started with enrollment if you already know what you're pursuing.