We know our students have complex lives, and it's our mission to support them. Working with the community they belong to is a way to ensure our students have opportunities for success after completing studies at our institution. Streamlining and updating our own practices so that we can consistently create value on behalf of our students and community will hold this transformation together.

Guided Pathways

Our goal is to understand what keeps educational achievement within reach for our students, and make adjustments to get them there. Guided Pathways are essentially a major map for students to follow to get to their certificate or degree as efficiently as possible. These pathways have been created to align with employment needs that have been defined by local industries or transfer programs with universities for further education. Guided Pathways feature an emphasis on a good start in the first year, proactive engagement by advisors and support services, and a commitment to understanding students' progress so that we can make any necessary adjustments along the way.

Industry Partnerships

In this digital age, nearly every industry is changing rapidly. To keep up with these changes within our local business community, Maricopa Community Colleges is enhancing partnerships that allow us to adjust our own practices to meet student and industry needs. With insights from our community business partners, we can adjust our training offerings to keep our students prepared to walk with confidence into the jobs of tomorrow.

Enterprise Performance

With 10 Community Colleges in the district, our community of students, staff, and partners is always growing. Our success as an institution is defined by meeting the needs and expectations of this diverse community, and to do so we must always be looking to improve how we operate internally.

The Intersection of Transformation

At the intersection of Guided Pathways, Industry Partnerships, and Enterprise Performance we find the most opportunity for innovative ideas to support our students. One such idea is the ability to enroll in multiple colleges with one program. Maricopa Community Colleges is actively seeking the means to unify our colleges so that students can enroll in classes at multiple campuses, even all in the same semester. We know that some of our students might work in a different area than they live, and therefore might benefit from access to the campus that is near work as well as one near home.

We hope to continue advancing ideas like this one through the ongoing implementation of transformation strategies.