Ms. Tracy Livingston

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Date First Elected: 2014
Years of Service: 2015-present
Current Term Expires: December 31, 2018



My name is Tracy Livingston M.Ed.

It is a pleasure to be able to serve on this board, as your four-year At-Large member.  As a veteran teacher of 14 years, my knowledge of the system and the students that are being produced in the K-12 system and head our direction, is an area of specialty. It is my hope that with hard work, and working with all the schools and data we can find the best niches for each of our schools, feed off our strengths and grow our weaknesses until they become as strong as our best programs.

As my work in the classroom will not subside, I do hope to use my awareness to guide our schools to greater face time with the up and coming students in the high-schools and begin the process of noting that we are not just a short term fix, until scholarships or funds come a student's way, or place to hang their hat for a moment or two, but one that can provide just what students need who are not looking for degree programs, or need the additional small environment to allow a successful transition to certification programs or later the possibility of four year placement.

I have been married for 26 years to Representative David Livingston, Majority Whip.  He came from the private financial world for over 20 years to the public sector and is in his sophomore year. Our son, Kyle, lives in Prescott, and attends Yavapai Community College. He works at Yavapai Regional Medical Center as a phlebotomist and is completing his EMT certification. He has hopes to go through the nursing program in the near future. We have two Siberian Huskies, Katie and Spencer, and have a passion for travel. I am completing my first novel and have a never ending passion for both education and the craft of teaching.

Community College Experience

Maricopa County Community College District, Maricopa County, AZ
MCCCD Governing Board President, 2015
Elected to MCCCD Governing Board in 2014


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