Paying it forward to the community

We strive to give back to the communities we serve and enhance the quality of life for the public. As part of our mission, Maricopa Community Colleges provide opportunities for community learning and personal enrichment programs.

Examples include the Kid's College program, access to health and wellness facilities, free or affordable public events like astronomy nights, sports games, and performing arts, and participation outreach efforts like a community band or choir – plus a nearly endless amount of flexible non-credit courses aimed at enhancing personal and professional development.

Maricopa offers community education through opportunities such as:

Service learning

Extend your learning beyond the classroom. Learn to use newly acquired skills and knowledge in real-life situations with these programs.


K-12 programs

Enhance the learning experiences of the younger members of our communities with summer camps, dual or concurrent enrollment, and more.


Summer programs

Get more out of your summer with a wide variety of offerings, such as summer camps, events, and workshops for younger students.


Incarcerated re-entry

Get the needed skills to make effective life transitions, such as jobs training, family interaction, personal and social development, to name a few.


Lifelong learning

Make continuing education a lifelong goal with new learning experiences, such as workforce development, community education, non-credit courses, fitness and wellness classes, and more.



From hands-on arts events for kids, to diversity training, to work-related seminars and skill building activities, check out workshops and opportunities in your area.